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The workshop series is broken into four sessions around Leadership, Identity, Professionalism, and Relationships. Each session is being offered once per term. All sessions are online via Zoom. Students who are interested in attending or are completing the workshops as a part of a program’s requirements for serving as a peer mentor can sign-up when the Peer Mentor Workshop series is available.

Upcoming Workshops

  • TBD


What is the cost?

  • To the student and program, nothing. We are providing this as a service to aid campus programs that support student success through peer mentoring.

Can students take workshops in different terms and receive completion?

  • Yes. The rationale for offering different terms was to accommodate different programs’ needs.

What is the philosophy behind this content and UF Student Success providing it?

  • UF Student Success worked closely with the International Mentoring Association to develop content with the most foundational understanding of peer mentor responsibilities.

    The intent of these workshops is not to supersede or replace program training for peer mentors. Instead, the intent was to bring a researched-based expertise to our common understanding of peer mentor practice across campus. The intent was to supplement peer mentor program training through this enhancement.

Can staff attend the workshops to learn more?

  • Absolutely! This is highly encouraged.

If my peer mentor program has never participated in these workshops previously, where can I find more information?

  • Contact the Assistant Provost for Student Success, Jason Mastrogiovanni ( to set up a meeting.

What are the workshop descriptions?

  • Leadership and Mentoring - Peer mentors act as campus leaders.  How do mentoring and leadership intersect?  How do they differ? Through the lens of the Social Change Model of Leadership, this workshop will discuss various mentoring and leadership styles and help peer mentors define their personal and professional leadership strengths.
  • Identity and Mentoring - Mentoring is not only beneficial for the mentees but can also be a valuable and transformative experience for you as the peer mentor.  By actively listening, empathizing, and sharing your own knowledge and experiences, you can deepen your own understanding of different perspectives, challenge your own assumptions, and expand your self-understanding. Learn more about the transformational learning process and how it can help your mentees growth and how you can personally grow and gain new insights.
  • Professionalism of Mentoring - Mentors are considered professional learners in leadership roles on campus.  This workshop outlines the ways in which the role of peer mentor intersects with students’ future career goals by presenting professionalism tips and mentoring boundaries.  This workshop also highlights the marketable professional skills of mentoring with strategies to share the professional mentoring experience.
  • Relationship in Mentoring - In this session, peer mentors will learn a structured approach for a smooth and personalized mentoring session using the appreciative mentoring model.  This model focuses on creating rapport, utilizing positive language, and employing powerful questions to facilitate meaningful conversations that support students in moving forward towards their goals.