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How Do I Get Started with a Tutor?

UF Tutoring Services

Peer tutoring is available through the UF Teaching Center and the Office of Academic Support. Visit their respective websites to set up an appointment.

Expectations for Peer Tutoring

How to Get the Most Out of Your Tutoring Session

  • Be on time for your tutoring appointment
  • Approach the experience with a positive mindset
  • Set mutual expectations with your peer tutor
  • Come prepared with specific questions and/or practice problems to guide your tutoring session
  • Have your course materials on-hand

What to Expect from a Peer Tutor

  • Is punctual, organized and professional
  • Approaches each session with enthusiasm
  • Works in partnership with the student to set an agenda and expectations
  • Takes an active learning approach to each session
  • Is courteous and encouraging to the student
  • Gives positive feedback and makes recommendations for further study or practice

Have Questions?

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