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How Do I Get Started with a Tutor?

UF Tutoring Services

Peer tutoring is available through UF Academic Resources. Visit the following links to learn more about scheduling a tutoring session:

Other important academic services

  • UF Libraries- research assistance, ask-a-librarian (online or in-person), study spaces
  • Faculty & TA Office Hours- Visit them with questions or for clarification on material

Expectations for Peer Tutoring

How to Get the Most Out of Your Tutoring Session

  • Be on time for your tutoring appointment
  • Approach the experience with a positive mindset
  • Set mutual expectations with your peer tutor
  • Come prepared with specific questions and/or practice problems to guide your tutoring session
  • Have your course materials on-hand

What to Expect from a Peer Tutor

  • Is punctual, organized and professional
  • Approaches each session with enthusiasm
  • Works in partnership with the student to set an agenda and expectations
  • Takes an active learning approach to each session
  • Is courteous and encouraging to the student
  • Gives positive feedback and makes recommendations for further study or practice

Have Questions?

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