Your pathway to success will have its hurdles – and that's okay! You don't have to navigate those twists and turns alone. Current students encountering an academic barrier, a shift in interests or goals, or just getting started with the University of Florida, Student Success Transition Advisors are here to support you as you develop and intentionally work through your unique success plan. It's easy to schedule an appointment, and you can find the Transition Advisor's offices in Yon Hall!

Talk to a Transition Advisor for guidance as you build your success plan. You'll come out of each appointment with the tools you need for mindful reflection, autonomy, and sustained forward momentum. Most importantly, Transition Advisors can help you renew your confidence as you progress through your UF journey.



Transition Advisors help current students explore majors at UF, formulate a plan to work toward declaring a program of study, and navigate combining multiple interests through academic pursuits.

Examples include:

  • You are unsure of how to identify a program of study.
  • You have several programs you are interested in and are not sure how to approach narrowing down the list.
  • You have a couple of interests and want to figure out if you can combine them academically.
  • You have discovered new interests and want to explore options for adding programs to your plan.

Transition Advisors support students who need to find a new major due to shifting interests or goals, academic performance, or pivoting after limited access program denial.

Examples include:

  • You have taken some core courses for your program, discovered the content is not what you thought, and want to see if other majors are more aligned with your clarified interests.
  • You are not performing well in major-specific classes and want to find a path for which your interests are congruent with your strengths.
  • You cannot continue in your initial major, but you are ready to craft your new path.

The University of Florida offers a wide array of student resources for you to utilize. This may be overwhelming! Transition Advisors can guide you in curating and maximizing your use of the support systems most relevant to your success plan.


Students with declared majors who are not exploring or in need of the above services should meet with the Academic Advisor(s) for their program. Students who know which major(s) they wish to declare should contact the Academic Advisor(s) in the corresponding colleges/departments. Find how to contact advisors with UF Advising’s College Advising Contacts page.

... you should speak to the Academic Advisor in that program to determine eligibility and learn about the change of major process. should speak to the Career Connections Center's Pathways Coaches. should speak to the Academic Advisor for the major that is currently declared. should speak to the Academic Advisor for the major that is currently declared. should consult UF Admission's Readmissions page for the readmission application, deadlines, and requirements.


Schedule an appointment with a Transition Advisor. They love to help students find their stride.