Student Success - University of Florida


UF Student Success is a collaboration of administrators, faculty, staff, and students throughout the UF community to holistically support every UF undergraduate student. UF Student Success leverages UF’s long tradition of providing services to support undergraduate students by bringing them together into a seamless support network.  


The idea of the UF Student Success collaboration began on November 12, 2019, during the first UF Student Success Summit, when approximately 200 administrators, faculty, staff, and students convened to center discussion around how best to support our UF students. During the Summit, UF President Kent Fuchs emphasized the importance of relationships in attaining student success: We are rightly dedicated to further improving on measures of student success, such as graduation rate or student retention. But these measures are the result of educational excellence, not the cause. The point is to successfully educate students while shepherding them through a period of incredible change and growth. And in that effort, what makes the difference is the strength of positive relationships – wherever and with whomever they form at UF. This UF Student Success collaboration strives to nurture meaningful relationships for our undergraduate students. 


If a student is remote from campus or fully a part of the campus experience, the philosophy of UF Student Success is summed up in the following statement:  


The student is the most important person on campus. Without students, there would be no need for the institution. Not a cold enrollment statistic, but a flesh and blood human being with feelings and emotions like our own. Not someone to be tolerated so we can do our thing. They are our thing. Not dependent on us. Rather, we are dependent on them. Not an interruption of our work, but the purpose of it. We are not doing them a favor by serving them. They are doing us a favor by giving us the opportunity to do so. -anonymous University of Florida


Every UF employee, regardless of their role, aspires to this philosophy and is prepared to support our UF students to their fullest potential.  


This aspiration is expressed in the definition of Student Success at the University of Florida:

Student Success at the University of Florida is a shared responsibility where all members of the UF community inspire intellectual growth, engagement, holistic wellness, and a solution-focused disposition that catalyzes student persistence, timely graduation, and personal achievement for societal benefit.


The Pathways to Student Support offered through UF Student Success are a collaboration of a multitude of offices and employees at UF, including the Provost’s Office, Division of Student Affairs, Division of Enrollment Management, colleges, departments, and programs. We believe that no member of our Gator Community can thrive in isolation. We all need help from fellow community members. UF Student Success strives to provide a seamless support network of caring Gators for every UF student.