Student Success - University of Florida

Registration Start Times 

  • Expect an email 4-5 weeks prior to advance registration, providing you with information on how to complete the Registration Prep process.  At that time, you will be encouraged to review registration holds, check your degree audit, and plan for the courses you intend to take toward your degree. Your registration start time will be provided to you after you complete the Registration Prep process.   
  • To ensure you have access to the system at your registration start time, we have increased the number of start times for Spring 2022 registration so that fewer students are registering at any given time.   


Registration Priority 

  • Starting with Spring 2022 advance registration, registration start times will be determined by the number of distinct credits used toward your primary major. This will help to ensure that students closest to graduation (e.g. those using more credits toward their primary major) can register for the courses they need in a timely manner. 
  • To calculate the number of credits you are using toward your primary major, look at the distinct courses used in the Critical Tracking Summary, Critical Tracking Progress, Core Requirement, UF Quest and State Core Gen Ed, Gen Ed Summary (also known as the “Basic Distribution” for Liberal Arts and Sciences majors), International/Diversity, and Writing requirement groups from the first major on your degree audit in one.uf. Count the number of credits you have earned or currently have “in progress” from these courses. 

NOTE:  A course can only count one time toward this calculation, even if it is used in multiple requirements. Exclude courses falling exclusively into GPA or major residency requirements:   

  • Students using the same number of credits toward a degree will be assigned to the same registration start time 
  • You are strongly encouraged to speak with your academic advisor 4-6 weeks prior to advance registration to avoid significant wait times that occur closer to the advance registration window.