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What is TMS? 

Tutor Matching Service (TMS) was created to promote student success with the core mission of increasing access to one-on-one education in higher education. Since our founding in 2008, we have expanded our purpose to now be able to curate the best technology options for learning centers, tutors, and students, helping to enhance the tutoring experience, in-person and online. We are established partners in the learning center community, partnering with over 200 colleges and universities, as well as being long-time members of the National College Learning Center Association (NCLCA) and the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA). 

Why was thiscollaborationestablished? 

UF has partnered with TMS to enhance the peer-to-peer learning community on campus. This partnership is a commitment from UF Student Success to provide greater support to students. By supplementing tutoringavailable through campus resources, more students can receive academic assistance when and where it’s needed, and more courses can now have tutoring services offered. 

How long will the free tutoring last? 

The UF Provost has budgeted funds to support free tutoring for the foreseeable future. 

I received an email from UF stating I had free tutoring for any course I am taking, but a friend received an email that stated that my friend was eligible for free tutoring in any of 38 UF courses.  Why is there a difference? 

Every student will receive free tutoring through the UF-TMS collaboration. If you received an email stating that you would receive free tutoring for any course in which you are enrolled, you were identified by UF Student Financial Affairs as having some level of financial need based on FAFSA information. All remaining degree-seeking students will have their tutoring costs for any of 38 UF courses covered by UF (see below for a list of these courses). 

Which courses are eligible for tutoring? 

If you received an email message from UF indicating that you would receive free tutoring in any course, all courses in which you are enrolled are eligible for free tutoring. (See question above about why youwere selected for this service.) 

If you received an email message from UF indicating that you would receive free tutoring for 38 UF courses,any combination of these 38 courses in which you are enrolled will be eligible for free tutoring. These courses are listed below and represent the courses that UF students most frequentlyhave torepeat because of earning grades of D, E, or W.  You can still receive tutoringthrough TMSin any other course outside of these 38, but you will beresponsible forcoveringthe tutoring costout-of-pocketfor those courses.    

  • ACG2021 
  • ACG2071 
  • APK2100C 
  • BCH4024 
  • BSC2010 
  • BSC2011 
  • CHM1025 
  • CHM2045 
  • CHM2046
  • CHM2046L  
  • CHM2210 
  • CHM2211  
  • COP3502 
  • COP3530 
  • ECO2013 
  • ECO2023 
  • EEL3701C 
  • EGM2511 
  • EGM3520 
  • FIN3403 
  • MAC1105 
  • MAC1140 
  • MAC1147 
  • MAC2233 
  • MAC2311 
  • MAC2312 
  • MAC2313 
  • MAN3025 
  • MAP2302 
  • MAR3023 
  • MCB3020 
  • PHY2048 
  • PHY2049 
  • PHY2053 
  • PHY2054 
  • PSY2012 
  • QMB3250 
  • STA2023 

When you log into TMS, you should see $0 as the cost of tutoring.   

How do I find a tutor? 

The process is simple. Log in with yourGatorLinkaccount, search for a class and select from the available tutors for the course.  Once you’ve decided on a tutor, book a session to confirm the details or message them for more information.   

I’ve been contacted by multiple tutors. How do I choose the right tutor for me? 

First, think about what is important to you in the tutoring relationship. Ask the potential tutors questions to determine if they area good fitfor you.Youmaychoose adifferenttutorat any time.   

Is there a limit on the amount of time or number of free tutoring sessions I can use? 

  1.  This is a first-come-first-served program. We strongly encourage that you seek tutoring support early in the semester and not wait until your need for helpis urgent.
  2. UF graduate students are eligible to tutor if they meet the qualifications and complete training.  

Does TMS provide accommodations for students with disabilities? 

TMS is committed to accessibility for all users, including persons with a disability who requireaccommodations.If you discoverthatany part of theservices or any TMS tool or website is inaccessible,you cancontact (877) 919-8886 or to work directly with TMS. 

If you are a UF student with a disability and are experiencing access barriers utilizing TMS,you can alsocontact the Disability Resource Center ataccommodations@ufsa.ufl.eduor 352-392-8565. 

Where else can I receive tutoring support through UF? 

TheUF-TMS Partnershipjoins with tutoring resourcesthat are alreadyavailableto students through theTeaching Centerand theOffice of Academic Support.  We encourage you to seek any tutoring support that you find the most helpful for you to effectively learn in your classes. 

Does my instructor approve my being tutored through TMS? 

Regardless of what tutoring resource you use, please let your instructor know you are seeking tutoring help. Each college has been informedabout theUF-TMS collaboration, but your instructor might not be awareof it yet. We encourage you to let your instructor know you are using TMS tutoring. In many cases, instructors might be able to provide supplemental problems and advice in how to best study and learn in their classes. 

What are the qualifications to be a tutor? 

You must be a current UF student who has earned aB+ or higher in the course(s) you would like to tutor and an overall GPA of 3.0. Also, you must complete the tutor verification and training process one month fromsign up in order to be approved as a tutor.  Register as a tutor

I am a graduate student. Can I serve as a tutor? 

Yes. UF graduate students are eligible to tutor if they meet the qualifications and complete training.   

I am a graduate student. Can I receivefreetutoring? 

Graduate students are not eligible to receive free tutoring through theUF-TMS partnership. 

What is the time commitment for tutors? 

You set your schedule and accept sessions with students as you’d like. There are no minimum number of hours you’re required to work. 

How much do tutors make? 

Tutors participating in the UF-TMS partnership will be paid $12/hour. 

Will TMS receive any of my personal information? 

TMS collects standard user information as students authenticate via Single Sign-On to effectively render services and offer tutoring support in the simplest manner possible. TMS’ platform has been deeply vetted by UF and its IT professionals.ViewTMS' terms of use and privacy policy.   

Where do I go if I have other questions? 

Send an email topeertutorinfo@aa.ufl.eduif you haveadditionalquestions.If you have specific questions about the TMS platform,