What is Success Coaching?

UF coaches recognize students as the experts in their lives and partner with them to maximize personal, professional, and academic success. Coaches connect students to university resources, address barriers, and develop support networks. This results in an action plan that creates a positive university experience.

Coaching sessions are student-centered and tailored to the needs of the individual. Coaches work with their students through collaboration and conversation, allowing them to steer the course of their coaching experience. Students leave feeling empowered and energized with new ideas and information.

Get The Most Out of Coaching

  • Identify what you want to achieve; share your goals
  • Establish realistic goals and adhere to accountability measures
  • Identify and discuss barriers to your goals
  • Challenge yourself to set higher self-expectations for increasing levels of achievement
  • Follow through with communication with your coach; work to build a relationship


Still trying to determine if Success Coaching is right for you? Find out more!

The University of Florida is a big campus with much to offer, which might feel intimidating or complicated to navigate. There could be a time when you need extra support beyond the academic curriculum; this is where a Success Coach can help!

A coach can help you discover, clarify, and align your goals. They can also help to connect you with the resources to get you there. Coaches listen and provide guidance while allowing the student to steer the trajectory of the coaching conversation and frequency.

Success Coaches are people on campus – faculty and staff –  who are passionate about helping students have a great experience at UF. Their goal is to help the student feel empowered to become their own self-advocate.

Success Coaches are not academic tutors; they can help you find the resources you might need but do not provide tutoring.

Success Coaches are not college advisors; they cannot help you select or sign up for classes. Advisors are the experts in the academic curriculum of your college or program. Coaches can assist you in finding the proper means of making an appointment with the appropriate advising office if needed.

Ready To Talk?

Scheduling an initial consultation with a Success Coach is easy, and remote options are available!